What Causes Respiratory Illnesses In Children

What Causes Respiratory Illnesses In Children

Respiratory illnesses are among the leading causes of illnesses in children. In fact, children in developed countries probably have more respiratory problems on an average than any other illness. And in a lot of developing countries, these illnesses can be fatal for children because they do not get the proper care and they are not exposed to a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know what can cause these illnesses and how children are affected by them so that you can take measures to prevent these problems or get them treated as soon as possible.
Circumstances That Bring About Respiratory Illnesses In Children
There are two common causes of respiratory illnesses: Genetics and the Environment. Most breathing problems can be traced back to one of these origins. Even though there is often no sure way of determining the cause of a respiratory problem, some likely causes are:

• Smoking during Pregnancy: A mother who smokes when her child is in the womb can put her child in danger of having a respiratory problem. This is because the baby gets exposed to tobacco smoke that can cause damage to the lungs.
• Sex hormones: Studies have found that twice the number of boys show signs of respiratory illness than girls. However, this is only when they are children. Women tend to get more affected by respiratory problems than men later in life.
• Air Pollution: Air pollution is one of the biggest factors of respiratory problems. The air contains various chemicals and toxins like Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. These gases can be very dangerous when inhaled in large quantities. They can affect the lungs and lead to wheezing, coughs and other breathing troubles.
• Lifestyle: Lifestyle and general living conditions play a very important part in the health of a child. Children that lead a good lifestyle with proper food, shelter, exercise and care often have a lower chance of getting health problems.
• Poverty: Poverty leads to under-nourishment of children and they cannot develop their immune systems properly, making them more susceptible to a number of diseases, including respiratory problems.
• Pollen: Pollen in the air is scientifically known to cause a number of respiratory problems. Pollen from certain plants may affect different children.
Even if these circumstances are not the major causes of a child’s respiratory illness, they can still be a trigger for an asthma attack, wheezing or any other breathing problem.
How This Illness Affects Children
Children who suffer from respiratory problems have to be very careful. Even a small trigger can bring on a major issue, making them weak and ill. A child with a respiratory problem will often find it difficult to climb stairs, play sports or take part in physical activities. In certain cases, children who have major conditions may have to be rushed to hospital when they get an asthma attack. This could even prove to be fatal if it is not treated immediately.
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