How to make your hair longer, will grow so fast

7 Habits to Help Grow Your Hair

Having long hair is often considered as a sign of beauty, a woman’s crowning glory was always her hair. Long, lustrous and thick hair has, is and always will be coveted by women of all ages. For some lucky ones, genetics plays a big part and we find ourselves blessed with naturally long and thick hair. For the rest of us, it unfortunately means we have to go that extra mile to get our hair to grow fast in a healthy way, this is due to the fact that hair growth largely depends on many factors, such as the weather, your age, the food you eat, living habits and overall health.

Worry not girls, as there are now easy, quick and cheap remedies that will get your hair growing fast in no time. Read on to uncover these fabulous tips on how to make your hair grow faster and believe us, they actually work!


Get A Trim At Least Every 6 Months

There are varying opinions on just how to to make your hair grow fast and how many times we should head to the salon for a trim to get rid of those unsightly split-ends. Well, experts say that regardless of the condition of your hair, we need to get a trim at least every 6 months. If your hair is more prone to getting dry ends and splitting, then it’s definitely got to be sooner, experts recommend a trim every six to eight weeks. This may be annoying since your aim is to grow hair longer and getting a trim doesn’t help, but in the long run, it will!

Eat Right, Exercise and Get Plenty of Sleep

Hair consists of keratin, which is a protein made up of amino acids. In order to grow new hair, your body must produce these amino acids:high-protein diets are therefore great for your hair, so make sure that you are including to your diet ingredients like eggs, meats and even dairy products like yogurt. Besides proteins, it is very important to remember that beauty is a reflection of what you eat, so be sure to stick to an overall healthy diet.

Hair is considered a non-essential tissue, so the body doesn’t send protein to hair follicles first—it focuses on essential organs, like the heart or liver—but if you’re eating enough, the body will be able to distribute protein everywhere it’s needed.

Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian—you can still work protein into your diet.

How we treat ourselves is often reflected in our physical self. No matter how much external effort we put into taking care of our hair, if our health isn’t going great, neither will our hair growth.

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Make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep, drink plenty of water because there are countless benefits of drinking water and even if you’re not an exercise fan, an evening walk once in a while won’t hurt.


Deep Condition Every Week

This is the beauty tip that both dermatologists and hairstylists agree on—you should incorporate a deep conditionerinto your weekly hair care routine for extra hydration. It’s always best to use natural products than chemically based ones. Take a break from chemicals when you have dry and dull hair. This will just aggravate the problem and increase the risk.

Chemicals used for perming, straightening, coloring and others will leave your hair dull, full of split ends and dry. All of these can contribute you to have damaged and brittle hair, for sure, you wouldn’t want your hair to be that way all the time. There are 2 types of conditioners you can use for your hair according to your needs. There are leave on that you can apply after shampooing your hair and leave it that way and yet continuously conditions the hair without rinsing it afterwards. The other type is the conventional type which should be rinsed off right after applying and massaging your hair with conditioners.

It is very essential for you to condition your hair after shampooing so that you will be able to maintain the natural nourishment of your hair even after doing treatments such as straightening, coloring, perming and other hair enhancers.


Wash Your Hair Every 2-3 Days

We shower every day, well most of us anyway, so we automatically reach for that shampoo bottle and start torturing our poor hair, even if it was already reasonably clean. It’ll be hard to break the habit, I know!

According to hair experts, a sure shot way to get your hair to grow fast is to avoid shampoo build-up. Ever notice a greasy residue in your hair roots that doesn’t really seem like your natural hair oil? That’s because it’s all thatbuild-up from the shampoos and conditioners we use on our hair on a daily basis.

Unless your hair is naturally greasy and needs to be washed every 24 hours, try shampooing it every 2 or 3 days, and let nature take its course. Try using anapple cider vinegar wash instead of shampoo to eliminate any buildup. In no time, you’ll find your hair free of unnecessary cleaning agents and on its way to growing faster. If you have oily hair than you might want to check out that apple cider rinse for your hair

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